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Dr. Arabinda Kumar Padhee, IAS

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Director, Agriculture & Food Production

Welcome to e-Licensing system

Seed, fertilizers and insecticides are the power nerves of the Agriculture. Maintaining a good health of the distribution channels for these three critical Agri-inputs is the only way to ensure a healthy ecosystem for the agro economy. So the core objective of the system was to create a workflow automation system to strengthen the distribution channel of Agri-inputs Seed, Fertilizer & Insecticide .

e-License for Agri-inputs is an integrated system which deals in apply,inspect,verify and apporoval of sale/store license for Seeds,Fertilisers and Insecticides under a single window platform.

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Q1-How to get seed license?
  • (i)-Before registering confirm the source of seeds.
  • (ii)-Arrange a storage point to sell seeds.
  • (iii)-Register in e-Licensing portal with e-mail Id, aadhar, mobile number and other required details.
  • (iv)-Pay the license fee through online mode. You can download the license within 45days of your payment.

Q2-Documents required to get a seed license?
  • (i)-Dealer passport size photo, Identity proof, Land record agreement, Sketch map.
  • (ii)- Besides these for a state dealer license Source Certificate, Quality Performance Certificate,proof of registration are also required.

Q3-How to get password if forgot?
  • (i)-Go to the Login page.
  • (ii)-There you can find an option as Forgot Password.
  • (iii)-Provide the user id/mail id.
  • (iv)-A message containing an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile no.
  • (v)-Using that OTP new password can be set.
  • (vi)-If the mobile number is not in use you can visit the near ADO office and can change the phone number or can reset the password there.

Q4-How to renew seed license?
  • (i)-Login with your mail id linked to the seed license.
  • (ii)- In the left panel renew license option is available.
  • (iii)-Click on that and provide all the required details.
  • (iv)-Get approval from source(for district level license).Pay 500/- rupees as license fee.
  • (v)-Download the renewed QR coded license from the portal within 45 days of payment.

Q5-How to give O-form/Source Certificate to district seed dealers?
  • (i)-In e-Licensing for paper less and contact less system we have made the Source certificate system fully online.
  • (ii)-After submitting the district level seed application ,the state dealer can find the same in State Level -> Applied District Dealer option.
  • (iii)- After clicking on Approve and selecting the products, state dealer can approve the district dealer.
  • (iv)-Then the district dealer will be able to make the payment for authority approval.

Q1-Qualification required for fertilizer license?
  • (i)-Person applying for new fertilizer district level retailer license should have qualification as B.Sc(Agriculture)/ B.Sc(Chemistry)/Diploma in Agriculture .
  • (ii)-Dealers having license before 30-07-2018 need no qualification to renew their license.

Q2-Mail id /aadhar already in use message shown during registration ,what to do?
  • (i)-In e-Licensing portal one person is allowed to get only one user credential .
  • (ii)- A dealer does not need to maintain different user id for different agriculture licenses.
  • (iii)-You can login in the same registered mail id .
  • (iv)-If you don’t have the password then click on forget password/reset your password by visiting nearest ADO/BAO.

Q3-How to add new stock address in the fertilizer license?
  • (i)-If you posses a valid fertilizer license ,to add new stock address, after login in the fertilizer section click on Amend License.
  • (ii)- Then click next and in the address box a dealer can add multiple stock address.
  • (iii)- Then upload the supporting documents and submit the application.

Q4-License fee for a fertilizer license?
  • (i)-For new fertilizer district level retailer license the application fees is 750/- rupees, for district level wholesaler and state dealers it is Rs. 2250/- only.
  • (ii)-During renewal a penalty of Rs. 60/- and Rs. 75/- is added if the payment is done after the expiry of license.
  • (iii)-For amendment the charges are Rs. 30/- and Rs. 150/- respectively for retailer and wholesaler/state dealers.

Q5-Documents required for fertilizer state level license?
  • (i)-Dealer passport size photo, Identity proof, Land record agreement, Sketch map, GSTIN card, district dealer agreement(at least 10),analysis report from notified lab, manufacturing license(for Indigenous plant).

Q1-How to renew insecticide license?
  • (i)-Insecticide license once expired can not be renewed. You can apply for a new insecticide license in the same user id.

Q2-Educational qualification required for Insecticide license?
    If the applicant is not qualified he/she can hire a technical person having one of the below qualifications.
  • (i)-B.Sc.(Agriculture)
  • (ii)-B.Sc.(Chemistry/Botany/Zoology/Bio-Chem./Bio-Technology)
  • (iii)-1 Year Diploma (Agriculture related subject for Govt. recognized University/Institute with PP course.
  • (iv)- 12 weeks training certificate from Agriculture Science Center if you have a license before 01.02.2017.
  • (v)-For House hold Insecticide license no qualification is required.